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Unrolling film machine mod. Mercurio



Machine mod. Mercurio S has been designed for simultaneous unrolling of four plastic film rolls, with automatic cutting device with programmable length.


It consists of a solid steel frame, supported on the one side from spool loader group and on the other side from a support with a column with base.


At the extremities of the upper structure there are two toothed pulley; one pulley has a belt tensioning adjustment and the other one is connected on a motoreducer; a tooted belt necessary for the traverse of the gripper slides through this pulleys.


The film spools are put on provided steel shafts, vertically mounted to the structure and equipped by adjustment sleeves for different internal diameter.


The cut length is obtained by means of an electronic setting on the interface panel.

The gripper blocks the hems of the four spools, dragging simultaneously four film sheets.

When the gripper arrives to the established measure, stops and the sheets are blocked by means of stoppers and cut by blades; then the gripper opens and will let to slide the four sheets in the below collecting tank, where the two operators have to take them at the extremities and use for the application.


In parallel to the gripper, above the sheets collecting tank, there is an optical barrier and a emergency cable, for prompt gripper stop, in case of rising above the safety line.


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Internal diameter: 75 mm
Maximum external diameter:

400 mm 





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